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The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted banks and financial services firms. KPMG research shows that financial services business leaders are facing many challenges and are re-setting revenue projections, trimming costs quickly, and focusing on survival, while trying to demonstrate empathy to severely distressed customers. The company recommends that banks/financial institutions revisit their digital transformation plans and increase digital services and tools, such as new applications, to enhance the customer experience. But delivering apps at high speed is essential to survival. Can financial services organizations keep up?

OutSystems research on the state of application development dives into how banks/financial institutions, among other industries, are performing. Earlier this year, just as the pandemic was taking hold, we surveyed 2,200 IT professionals asking them how fast their organizations can respond to change, what app dev challenges are holding them back, and what makes them more (or less) ready for change. We’ve analyzed the responses we received from financial services companies and share our findings in The Speed of Change: App Dev Priorities in an Era of Crisis and Recovery, Financial Services 2020 which features additional insights from KPMG.

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